New Muppet Movie!

16 Oct

Its so Close! The Muppets are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!! With 2 new Characters Walter and The Moppets! Its Coming soon! 🙂


New Puppet

3 Jul

Im Working On A New Puppet Called Cody. He Is Going To Be Blue With a shirt (I had not decide what color or design),and he will have rod hands.

Puppets On Youtube

30 Jun

I Found Some Puppets On Youtube Heres Some Links For  Channels.

Pupepepets: Bleeckie:

Puppetsonscraps: Puppatoons:

Muppet Show Coming Back!?!?!?

29 Jun

The New Muppet Movie Is About Kermit Trying To Bring The Muppet Show Back.This Might Mean The Muppet Show May Come Back.For Inastance In The Muppets From Space,Kermit Says That He Is Taking A Break.So They May Play The Music,They May Light the Lights,It May Be Time To Meet The Muppets.In The I980’s Jim Henson Said He Was Stopping The Muppet Show For A WHILE,He Did Not Say It Will Stop Forever,He ment that it will stop THEN come back.and since the muppets is still going on the muppet show might,just might,come back on air.

Welcome To The PuppetBlog!

29 Jun

PuppetMaker7 Here! And Im Welcoming You To The PuppetBlog You Will Find Some Fantastic Stuff On Puppets! You Will Find The Muppets,SesameStreet,Avenue Q,and Puppet Stuff You Find On Youtube Or Other Sites!

The Muppets Movie

29 Jun

Theres A New Muppet Movie Coming Out Its Called “The Muppets” It Will Be Out November 23.It Was Written By Jason Segel.The Movie Is About The Muppets Trying To Bring Their Show Back On Air But Someone Tries To Stop Them.The  Main Characters Are Kermit,Fozzie,Piggy,Walter,Jason Segel,and Amy Adams.If You Want To See The Trailer Check Out